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We all have negative thoughts. We all think in ways that aren't healthy. Learning to recognize that, and to find different, more helpful ways to think, is critical to our well-being, more
People go off their antidepressants for many reasons, but quitting too early could cause your symptoms to come back. more
Doctors don't fully understand the causes of nasal polyps, growths in your nose and sinuses. Learn more about what increases your risk for them. more
When medicine isn't enough to improve your nasal polyps, you may need surgery. Learn more about what to expect from nasal polyp surgery. more
Learn about the many medications available to treat nasal polyps. more
The virtual care company reported a 65% increase in revenue in 2023 compared to 2022 and a 47% increase in Q4 2023 revenue compared to the previous year. more
An old drug offers new tricks for people with multiple food allergies, but costs and access issues could limit its use. more
Anger is a valid and healthy emotion. But how you respond to it and express it, can be harmful. Learn how to tame the beast. more
A look at possible reasons why multiple myeloma affects Black people more than white people, including genes, health care disparities, and the role of MGUS. more
African Americans are more likely to develop multiple myeloma but are underrepresented in clinical trials. Here’s why and what can be done about it. more
The blood cancer multiple myeloma affects Black and Hispanic people more often than other groups. A closer look at the reasons behind this disparity. more
Getting a diagnosis of Pompe disease can be tricky. Learn more about how Pompe disease is diagnosed. more
The father of a child with Pompe disease shares his family’s experience. Find out what it's like to live with this rare genetic disorder. more
People with Pompe disease inherit mutated copies of a particular gene from both parents. Learn more about the genetics of Pompe disease. more
To get the best care for Pompe disease, you need treatment from a team of health care professionals. Here’s what treatment for you or your child may include. more
You may be familiar with the basic steps: Slow down, notice what you’re eating, and enjoy your food. But mindful eating can be more nuanced, and if done with intention over time, it can change your … more
Stress management can help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, as well as harmful disease outcomes if you already have the condition. more
Your age, gender, weight and more may influence the quality of your sleep. Learn more about the impact of social and economic factors. more
What are the most common causes of sleep problems? A WebMD study looks at how well Americans sleep and what's keeping us awake. more
What helps when you can't sleep? WebMD's survey offers some tips for how to sleep better with insomnia. more
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